Days Out from St Andrews – Dundee

The McManus Art Gallery and Museum at Dusk in Dundee, Scotland

Kicking off our Days Out from St Andrews posts we’re having a look at Dundee.  Although it’s across the Tay and so outside the Kingdom of Fife, it’s the nearest big city and just a short bus ride away.  There’s plenty to look at for a day visit, plus it’s handy enough for an evening trip to a theatre or concert.

One of the must-sees is the McManus Art Gallery and Museum.  Situated in Albert Square in the centre of town, this splendid Victorian Gothic revival building is an architectural gem, inside and out.  It also houses a great collection of paintings and sculpture and interesting local history exhibits.

For more history, visit the RRS Discovery, Captain Scott’s ship on the voyage to the Antarctic, moored at Discovery Point on the River Tay, not far from the city centre.  Also on the waterfront, near to Discovery Point, the new V&A Museum of Design is currently under construction (for details see

Fountains in City Square and Coloured Lights on Caird Hall at Dusk

Back in the city centre, City Square is a nice open space off the High Street.  The main tourist information office can be found here next to the City Chambers.  Also in the square is Caird Hall, a concert hall which is illuminated by coloured lights at dusk.  To find out what’s on here and at other theatres in the city, try  There’s plenty of shopping to do in this part of town too with high street shops and modern shopping centres intermingled with other interesting old buildings, such as the nearby Steeple Church.

Statue of DC Thomson Comic Character Oor Wullie in Albert Square

Dotted around the city centre are statues of some of the most famous comic characters by the famous DC Thomson (publishers of the Beano and Dandy, and still resident in the city).  On the High Street you’ll find Minnie the Minx and Desperate Dan and near the McManus in Albert Square Oor Wullie sits on a wall next to his scrawled poem Tae Rabbie Burns, close to the somewhat older statue of the great poet himself!

For more ideas, visit the Dundee and Angus page on the Visit Scotland website.